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Radiological Society of North America Annual Meeting 2017

Refresher Course
McCollough: Data acquisition and image formation methods for multi-energy CT

Mayo Clinic Department of Physiology and Biomedical Engineering Symposium 2015

Chen: Implementation of an open data format for CT projection data
Yu: Spectral PICCS reconstruction for photon-counting CT
Li: Validation of an image-based material-decomposition algorithm for multi-energy CT to determine basis material densities

International Symposium on Multidetector-Row CT 2015

CT developments since the 2014 ISCT meeting
Focal Spot Blooming in CT
Strategies for standardizing image quality and patient dose across a range of CT scanner models and patient sizes
Spatial Resolution in CT: How close are we to digital radiography?
AAPM Report 220: Quantifying patient size in terms of water equivalent diameter
Assessment of stone volume in VNC images: Do small stones disappear?

Fully 3D 2015

Chen: Implementation of an Open Data Format for CT Projection Data

SPIE 2015

Chen: Lesion insertion in projection domain for CT image quality assessment

AAPM 2014

McCollough: Dual energy CT using dual-kVp techniques

AUA 2014

McCollough: Radiation risk from medical imaging

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