May 23, 2016

X-ray Imaging Core Open House

By Kristina Nunez

Dates: Monday, June 13 – 12-3 pm – Opus 1-128; Tuesday, June 14 – 12-3 pm – Alfred 4-421

Refreshments provided

The X-ray Imaging (XRI) Core was formed in Jan of 2015, integrating several already- functioning research imaging resources into a single institutional core.  All members of the Mayo Clinic community, as well as external customers, are invited to make use of these state-of-the-art research and educational resources.

The mission of the XRI Core is to offer state-of-the-art X-ray imaging services to Mayo investigators and educators. It provides daytime access to top of the line imaging equipment and expert support personnel to assist investigators.  The specific objectives of the XRI Core include making Mayo Clinic investigators more competitive by incorporating cutting edge X-ray imaging into their research programs, and developing and providing novel, non-invasive biomarkers of disease presence, progression and regression. In addition to the exquisite details that can be visualized in the images produces, methods to quantify form and function are available.

In 2015, the core provided services for 36 distinct research activity numbers, 6 distinct “clinical research or education” activities, 11 NIH grants, 13 departments, and over 52 investigators.  Services provided include:

  • Whole-body CT: Specimen, animal and post-mortem CT scanning (500 micron resolution)
  • Micro CT: Specimen scanning (5 – 50 micron resolution)
  • Biplane fluoroscopy (including cone-beam CT)
  • Portable fluoroscopy
  • Animal preparation and surgery spaces
  • Image processing and data analysis
  • Imaging protocol development with PhD physicists

There are three locations on the Rochester campus at which the XRI Core operates:

  • Alfred 2, where micro-CT is performed
  • Alfred 9, where bi-plane fluoroscopy is performed
  • Opus 1, where whole-body CT is performed
  • Opus 1, where portable fluoroscopy and surgery are performed.

The core is directed by Cynthia McCollough, PhD (CT imaging scientist) and managed by Jill Anderson (senior research technologist and veterinary technician).

For additional information, please contact Dr. McCollough (4-6875) or Ms. Anderson (127-04370). You can also visit the Core's website at

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