June 26, 2018

AAPM 2018 CIC awardees

By Kristina Nunez

Dr. Hao Gong's scientific presentation "A Deep Learning Based Model Observer for Low-Contrast Object Detection Task in X-Ray Computed Tomography" was recognized as Best in Physics (Imaging).

Dr. Shengzhen Tao is a finalist for the John R. Cameron Young Investigator award with his abstract entitled "Material Decomposition Using Spectral Prior Image Constrained Compressed Sensing."

Dr. Liqiang Ren's scientific presentation "Multi-Energy CT for Multi-Phase Imaging Using Two Contrast Agents: Does It Reduce Radiation Dose?" was selected to be featured as a Science Highlight.  It will receive recognition as a graphic presentation in a Science Highlights kiosk and listed in topic-specific programs of particular interest for dissemination to meeting attendees.

Congratulations to our team members for these recognitions of their work!

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