December 11, 2018

Dr. Asim Rizvi Receives American Heart Association Funding

By Kristina Nunez

Asim Rizvi, M.D., recently received funding from the American Heart Association Award Program for his proposal, "Patient-specific modelling of remote thrombus aspiration for the treatment of acute ischemic stroke."

Coupled with the leadership of David Kallmes, M.D., this two-year, $115,000 award will allow Dr. Rizvi to achieve the long-term goal of his research program by improving health and outcomes of patients suffering from acute ischemic stroke. This research project will also meet the clinical need of better angiographic and clinical outcomes after treatment of patients with acute ischemic stroke by remote or ‘no touch’ aspiration embolectomy. Most notably, the patient-specific physical and computational models, based on the anatomy and physiology of cerebral vessels with realistic flow simulation, and varying embolus (clot) characteristics will optimize the choice of embolectomy devices and aspiration catheters in individuals and thereby maximizing likelihood of success.


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