February 18, 2020

New study coordinator – Evelyn Redtree

By Kristina Nunez

Evelyn Redtree, M.S. is the new research study coordinator in the CT CIC. Evelyn is originally from Rockford, Illinois; she has lived for some long periods of her life in Denver, Tucson and Iowa City. She earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Speech and Hearing Sciences as a ‘mature’ student at the University of Arizona. She subsequently provided direct patient care as a clinical audiologist for a decade, before branching off into research study coordination and medical editorial projects, including being a medical-journal editorial assistant and self-taught web site manager. Prior to joining the CT CIC team, Evelyn was most recently at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, writing and editing manuscripts, posters and abstracts; writing and managing a lysosomal disease research website; coordinating three lysosomal disease research studies; and handling all the travel arrangements for lysosomal disease research participants who traveled to her research team from all over North America. Evelyn said, “I am striving to learn everything I need in order to succeed in the CT CIC. I appreciate all the kind and patient help I have been receiving from the CT CIC team!”

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