January 22, 2021

Congratulations Hao and Kishore!

By Kristina Nunez

Congratulations to Hao Gong, Ph.D., and Kishore Rajendran, Ph.D., on becoming Associate Research Consultants in the CT Clinical Innovation Center.

Dr. Gong has been with the group since March 2017. His research interests revolve around the improvement of the safety, quality, and efficiency of CT imaging techniques used in patient care. He is particularly interested in the following research fields: CT radiation dose / scanning protocol management, task-driven CT image quality assessment (IQA), image quality optimization for clinical applications, deep-learning techniques, and the clinical translation of new CT imaging techniques.

Dr. Rajendran has been with the group since May 2016. His research has mainly focused on the development of photon-counting detector (PCD) CT technology and subsequent imaging methodologies. Additionally, his research aims to minimize patient radiation dose through spectral shaping and higher detector sampling, and through development of resolution-preserving noise reduction techniques. He has also developed multi-energy PCD-CT techniques for quantitative biomarker imaging that was previously only possible with magnetic resonance techniques.

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