October 25, 2022

Publications Roundup: Fall 2022

By CT Clinical Innovation Center

With fall comes falling leaves, colder temps, and a multitude of great new manuscripts by CT CIC authors. These are all now available online or in print:

In the Journal of Medical Imaging: "Individualized and generalized models for predicting observer performance on liver metastasis detection using CT" (Lead Author: Parvathy Sudhir Pillai)

In the Korean Journal of Radiology: "Photon-Counting Detector CT: Key Points Radiologists Should Know" (Lead Author: Andrea Esquivel)

In Medical Physics: "Deep learning‐based virtual noncalcium imaging in multiple myeloma using dual‐energy CT" (Lead Author: Hao Gong), "Estimating the accuracy of dual energy chest radiography for coronary calcium detection with lateral or anteroposterior orientations" (Lead Author: Scott Hsieh), and "A minimum SNR criterion for computed tomography object detection in the projection domain" (Lead Author: Scott Hsieh)

In Physics in Medicine & Biology: "Dedicated convolutional neural network for noise reduction in ultra-high-resolution photon-counting detector computed tomography" (Nathan Huber)

In Radiology: "Understanding Reader Variability: A 25-Radiologist Study on Liver Metastasis Detection at CT" (Lead Author: Scott Hsieh)

In Skeletal Radiology: "Improved visualization of the wrist at lower radiation dose with photon-counting-detector CT" (Lead Author: Kishore Rajendran)

Tags: Convolutional Neural Network, Deep Learning, Denoising, JMI (Journal), KJR (Journal), Manuscripts, Medical Physics (Journal), Photon-Counting Detector, Radiology (Journal), Skeletal Radiology (Journal)

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