April 5, 2023

Publications Roundup: Spring 2023

By CT Clinical Innovation Center

There just might be one or two snowstorms waiting behind a corner to jump out and surprise us, but there's 60s in the forecast, and that means...knock on wood...Spring has sprung, and among the first blooms of the year is a hearty crop of CIC articles for your reading pleasure!

In Abdominal Radiology: "Rectal Cancer Pelvic Recurrence: Imaging Pearls and Key Concepts to Guide Treatment Planning" (Lead Author: Akitoshi Inoue)

In European Radiology: "The technical development of photon-counting detector CT" and "Clinical applications of photon counting detector CT" (Lead Author: Cynthia H McCollough)

In Investigative Radiology: "High-Pitch Multienergy Coronary CT Angiography in Dual-Source Photon-Counting Detector CT Scanner at Low Iodinated Contrast Dose" (Lead Author: Prabhakar Shantha Rajiah)

In the Journal of Computer Assisted Tomography: "Optimal Virtual Monoenergetic Photon Energy (keV) for Photon-Counting-Detector Computed Tomography Angiography" (Lead Author: Chelsea A S Dunning)

In the Journal of Medical Imaging: "Measurement of enhanced vasa vasorum density in a porcine carotid model using photon counting detector CT" (Lead Author: Jeffrey F Marsh Jr)--and check out the awesome cover of the latest issue of JMI, featuring a figure from the article!

In Pediatric Radiology: "Pilot study to determine whether reduced-dose photon-counting detector chest computed tomography can reliably display Brody II score imaging findings for children with cystic fibrosis at radiation doses that approximate radiographs" (Lead Author: Kelly K Horst)

In RadioGraphics: "Seeing More with Less: Clinical Benefits of Photon-counting Detector CT" (Lead Author: Avinash K Nehra) 

In Skeletal Radiology: "Feasibility of photon-counting CT for femoroacetabular impingement syndrome evaluation: lower radiation dose and improved diagnostic confidence" (Lead Author: Andrea Ferrero)

And if all those weren't enough and you're looking for just two more papers to send you home happy, we are pleased to announce that in Medical Physics, "Energy-integrating-detector multi-energy CT: Implementation and a phantom study" (Lead Author: Liqiang Ren) has been named a Top Downloaded Article for the last year and "Accurate and efficient measurement of channelized Hotelling observer-based low-contrast detectability on the ACR CT accreditation phantom" (Lead Author: Mingdong Fan) was named Editor's Choice for February!

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