November 3, 2023

Publications Roundup: Fall 2023

By CT Clinical Innovation Center

On Halloween we received the biggest trick of all--a snowstorm. So here's a treat to make up for it, a full-sized collection of CT CIC publications!

In Academic Radiology: "Targeted Training Reduces Search Errors but not Classification Errors for Hepatic Metastasis Detection at Contrast Enhanced CT" (lead author: Scott S Hsieh)

In the American Journal of Roentgenology: "Editorial Comment: Spectral Shaping and Photon-Counting CT for Dose Reduction – Opportunities and Trade-offs" (lead author: Francis I Baffour)

In the British Journal of Radiology: "Potential Benefits of Photon Counting Detector Computed Tomography in Pediatric Imaging" (lead author: Kelly K Horst)

In Health Physics: "Response to Hamilton and Kendall Regarding Cumulative Dose" (lead author: Cynthia H McCollough)

In the Journal of Computer Assisted Tomography: "Technical Note: Assessment of pulse pileup on single- and multi-energy images from a clinical photon counting detector CT" (lead author: Joshua Ray Chen) and "Photon-Counting Detector Computed Tomography Versus Energy-Integrating Detector Computed Tomography for Coronary Artery Calcium Quantitation" (lead author: Cynthia H McCollough)

In the Journal of Medical Imaging: "Self-trained Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Noise Reduction in CT" (lead author: Zhongxing Zhou)

In Medical Physics: "Technical Note: Exploring the Detectability of Coronary Calcification using Ultra-high-resolution Photon-counting-detector CT" (lead author: Shaojie Chang) and "Characterization of Single- and Multi-energy CT Performance of an Oral Dark Borosilicate Contrast Media using a Clinical PCD-CT Platform" (lead author: Liqiang Ren)

In Radiologic Clinics of North America: "Use of Dual-Energy, Spectral and Photon-Counting CT for the Evaluation of the Gastrointestinal Tract" (lead author: Avinash K Nehra)

In Radiology: "Past and present milestones in x-ray computed tomography" (lead author: Cynthia H McCollough)


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