March 13, 2024

Publications Roundup: Winter 2024

By CT Clinical Innovation Center

It was the mildest winter here in recent memory, but while the snow might not have been falling, there was a non stop blizzard of CT CIC publications!

In the American Journal of Neuroradiology: "Back to the Future: Dynamic Contrast Enhanced Photon Counting Detector CT for the Detection of Pituitary Adenoma in Cushing Disease," (lead author: Ian T. Mark) and "Diagnostic Performance of Decubitus Photon-Counting Detector CT Myelography for the Detection of Cerebrospinal Fluid Venous Fistulas," (lead author: Ajay A Madhavan)

In the American Journal of Roentgenology: "Infrapopliteal Segments on Lower-Extremity CTA: Prospective Intraindividual Comparison of Energy-Integrating Detector CT and Photon-Counting Detector CT," (lead author: Mariana Yalon)

In the British Journal of Radiology: "Staging of breast cancer in the breast and regional lymph nodes using contrast-enhanced photon-counting detector CT: accuracy and potential impact on patient management," (lead author: Mariana Yalon)

In Frontiers in Radiology: "Deep-Learning for Automated Detection of MSU Deposits on DECT: Evaluating Impact on Efficiency and Reader Confidence," lead author: Shahriar Faghani)

In the Journal of Cardiovascular Computed Tomography: "Coronary artery stenosis quantification in patients with dense calcifications using ultra-high-resolution photon-counting-detector CT," (lead author: Emily K Koons)

In the Journal of Imaging Informatics in Medicine: "Multiple Kernel Synthesis of Head CT Using a Task-Based Loss Function," (lead author: Brandon J Nelson)

In Journal of Radiology Nursing: "Partnering Research and Clinical Practice to Implement a Photon-Counting Detector CT Myocardial Perfusion Imaging Study," (lead author: Kery Erickson)

In Medical Physics: "Channelized hotelling observer-based low-contrast detectability on the ACR CT accreditation phantom: Part II. Repeatability study," (lead author: Mingdong Fan), "Possible improvements in effective fill factor using X-ray fluorescent interpixel reflectors," and "Spectral information content of Compton scattering events in silicon photon counting detectors," (lead author: Scott S Hsieh), and "Direct energy binning for photon counting detectors: Simulation study," (lead author: Katsuyuki Taguchi)

In Physics in Medicine & Biology "Motion artifact correction in cardiac CT using cross-phase temporospatial information and synergistic attention gate and spatial transformer sub-networks," (lead author: Hao Gong)

In Radiology: "Comparison of Photon-counting Detector and Energy-integrating Detector CT for Visual Estimation of Coronary Percent Luminal Stenosis," and "Reclassification of Patient Coronary Artery Disease Status using Photon Counting CT," (lead author: Cynthia H McCollough)

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