McCollough_Cynthia_H_11J circa 2012

Cynthia H. McCollough, Ph.D., Director      

Professor of Biomedical Engineering & Medical Physics

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Lifeng Yu, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Medical Physics

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Fletcher_Joel_G_12JJoel G. Fletcher, M.D., Medical Director 

Professor of Radiology

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Shuai Leng, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Medical Physics

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Research Staff

Baiyu Chen, Ph.D., Research Fellow

Tammy A. Drees, Clinical Research Unit Assistant

Andrea Ferrero, Ph.D., Medical Physics Resident

Alice E. Huang, Research Technologist

Roy P. Marcus, M.D., Research Fellow

Kyle L. McMillan, Ph.D., Research Fellow

Gregory J. Michalak, Ph.D., Senior Research Technologist

Juan C. Montoya Cardona, Research Technologist

Kristina M. Nunez, Senior Program Coordinator

Rogerio N. Vasconcelos, M.D., Research Fellow

Nikkole M. Weber, R.T.(R), Lead CT Technologist

Zhicong Yu, Ph.D., Research Fellow

Research Trainees

Zhoubo Li, Mayo Graduate School


Associated Staff

Michael R. Bruesewitz, R.T.(R), Medical Imaging Technical Services

Christopher P. Favazza, Ph.D., Medical Physicist

Ahmed F. Halaweish, Ph.D., Siemens Collaborations Manager

James M. Kofler, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Medical Physics

Thomas J. Vrieze, R.T.(R), Medical Imaging Technical Services

Summer students (2015)

Shane Dirks

Ian McKeag

Austan Ronnenberg

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