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Cynthia H. McCollough, Ph.D., Director      

Professor of Biomedical Engineering & Medical Physics

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Lifeng Yu, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Medical Physics

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Hsieh_Scott_S_19NScott Hsieh, Ph.D.

Associate Research Consultant

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Fletcher_Joel_G_17SJoel G. Fletcher, M.D., Medical Director 

Professor of Radiology

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Shuai Leng, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Medical Physics

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Research Staff

Boleyn R. Andrist, Certified Clinical Research Coordinator

Yong S. Lee, Associate Clinical Research Coordinator

Jeffrey F. Marsh, Engineer

Brian D. McCollough, Medical Imaging Analyst I

Gregory J. Michalak, Ph.D., Medical Imaging Analyst II

Kristina M. Nunez, Senior Program Coordinator

Lisa M. Plower, Administrative Assistant

Jamison E. Thorne, Medical Imaging Analyst II

Nikkole M. Weber, R.T.(R), Lead CT Technologist

Research Trainees

Mingdong Fan, Ph.D., Research Fellow

Hao Gong, Ph.D., Research Fellow

Akitoshi Inoue, M.D., Ph.D., Research Fellow

Payam Mohammadinejad, M.D., Research Fellow

Kishore Rajendran, Ph.D., Research Fellow

Parvathy Sudhir Pillai, Ph.D., Research Fellow

Patrick D. VanMeter, Ph.D., Research Fellow

Associated Staff

Michael R. Bruesewitz, R.T.(R), Medical Imaging Technical Services

Christopher P. Favazza, Ph.D., Medical Physicist

Andrea Ferrero, Ph.D., Medical Physicist

Ahmed F. Halaweish, Ph.D., Siemens Collaborations Manager

Elisabeth R. Shanblatt, Ph.D., Siemens Collaborations Manager

Thomas J. Vrieze, R.T.(R), Medical Imaging Technical Services


XRI Core

Jill L. Anderson, Program Manager, Research Operations

Amy M. Benike, Research Technologist

Mahya Sheikhzadeh, M.S., Senior Engineer

Andrew J. Vercknocke, Medical Imaging Analyst II

Graduate Student(s)

Nathan Huber

Brandon Nelson

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