2016 Low Dose CT Grand Challenge

An international grand challenge, sponsored by the AAPM, NIBIB, and Mayo Clinic, was held starting in January of 2016, with the results announced at the annual meeting of the AAPM in August of 2016. Interest in the challenge was very high, with 90 sites registering to participate from over 20 different countries. The data provided by Mayo’s CT Clinical Innovation Center continues to be used by scientists world-wide and have become a de facto standard set of reference data for use in developing and evaluating CT reconstruction and denoising techniques. The cases have been used already for many peer-reviewed publications. Because of the frequency of requests for the data, AAPM and the Mayo Clinic have made the complete grand challenge dataset publicly available. Please visit https://aapm.box.com/s/eaw4jddb53keg1bptavvvd1sf4x3pe9h and refer to the READ ME file to make use of these resources.

Additional information about the 2016 Low Dose CT Grand Challenge can be found on the AAPM website and in our Medical Physics paper.

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