Specialized software and applications
 - qSAS Stone Toolkit
 - Analyze® image processing software licenses
 - DICOM transfer capability to send/receive image data (phantom or anonymous patient data)
 - Adobe Acrobat 9.0 pro
 - MatLab licenses with toolboxes including: Simulink, Image Processing, Signal Processing, Compiler, Parallel Computing, Optimization, Wavelets, etc.
 - DICOM works and Clear Canvas software
 - Mayo Image Explorer and custom image analysis software tools for CT image quality assessments
 - National Radiological Protection Board (NRPB) Monte Carlo organ dose coefficients
 - GSF (Germany) Monte Carlo organ dose coefficients
 - Numerous software tools for CT effective dose calculations, including: CT Dose Macro (Mayo), Impact (UK) CT Dosimetry, WinDose (IMP, Germany), and others
 - In-house Matlab-based software for dual energy data processing and analysis
 - DRASIM (Deterministic Radiological Simulation Tool): X-ray transmission simulation through complex geometric phantoms of arbitrary materials. DRASIM calculates for all rays between the x-ray focus and the detector pixels the attenuation in the filter, the phantom and the antiscatter grids. From this, images, spectra, dose values, etc. are determined.
 - Image reconstruction library to process and reconstruct data from all Siemens CT scanners.
 - Advanced post-processing tools for raw data correction like metal artifact reduction (MAR) or adaptive filtration.
 - Monte Carlo dosimetry software

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