Phantoms include a multipurpose chest phantom and numerous anthropomorphic phantoms, and dosimeters include pencil ionization chambers, electrometers, and others.



Our lab contains (but is not limited to) the following:Phantoms-4

- Kyoto Kagatu "Lungman" multi-purpose chest phantom
- Alderson Rando anthropomorphic phantom
- Numerous anthropomorphic phantoms (head, torso with actual lung and extremities, abdomen/pelvis)
- Acrylic cylinder and ellipses ranging from 10 to 50 cm diameter
- Acrylic-shelled elliptical water tanks
- Numerous image quality phantoms, including ACR CT Accreditation phantoms, CATPHAN basic modules and accessories, section sensitivity and sub-mm resolution test devices, MTF phantom
- Numerous acrylic CTDI phantoms, including elliptical CTDI phantoms


- Pencil ionization chambers and electrometers for conventional CTDI measurements
- Farmer 0.6 cc chamber with CTDI phantom-compatible build up cap and electrometer
- Aluminum sheets and rings for HVL measurements
- Radiochromic film for high-spatial resolution dose profile measurements
- RTI real-time CT dosimetry system for dose-profile measurements
- Optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) dosimeters
- RadCal real time dosimetry system with a 0.3 cc chamber and electrometer


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