Radiological Society of North America Annual Meeting 2019

Refresher Course
Leng: Low kV and dual energy CTA

ISCT 2019

Educational Courses
Leng: Can virtual noncontrast images truly replace true noncontrast images?
Leng: Artificial intelligence in spectral CT
Leng: Reconstruction by AI : A replacement for iterative reconstruction?
Leng: AI-enabled acquisition: Recent clinical implementations

AAPM 61st Annual Meeting and Exhibition 2019

Educational Course
Leng: Radiation dose considerations in CT guided interventional procedures

Physics Lecture at the University of Wisconsin Madison 2019

Leng: Photon-counting detector CT: Principles, algorithms, and clinical applications of an emerging technology 

AAPM 60th Annual Meeting and Exhibition 2018

Educational Course
Leng: Patient specific imaging phantoms using 3D printing

AAPM 59th Annual Meeting and Exhibition 2017

Educational Courses
Leng: Multi-energy CT: Principles, processing and clinical applications
Leng: Photon-counting-detector CT: Technical implementations and clinical applications

Radiological Society of North America Annual Meeting 2017

Refresher Course
McCollough: Data acquisition and image formation methods for multi-energy CT

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