Sep 5, 2017

New JIM Publication - Li et al

By Kris Nunez @knunez
From the Journal of Medical Imaging: Estimation of signal and noise for a whole-body research photon counting CT system. Read more here.
Aug 30, 2017

New Phys Med Biol publication - Leng et al.

By Kris Nunez @knunez
From Phys Med Biol: Spectral performance of a whole-body research photon counting detector CT: Quantitative accuracy in derived image sets Read more here.
Aug 22, 2017

Editor's Choice selection - Med Phys

By Kris Nunez @knunez
Yu, L et al. Correlation between a 2D Channelized Hotelling Observer and Human Observers in a Low-contrast Detection Task with Multi-slice Reading in CT. Congratulations Dr. Yu!

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